Add content from any website to your ChatGPT conversations

TabJam is a free browser extension that helps you bring content from any webpage into ChatGPT by letting you @mention browser tabs in your messages.

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Things you can do with TabJam!

Let ChatGPT create Tweet replies, summarize lengthy blogs, draft personalized emails and more by @mentioning browser tabs

Draft more personalized emails
Ask ChatGPT to write messages based on a recipient's social profiles as well as content from other tabs.
Get noticed more when you share links
Ask ChatGPT to suggest attention-grabbing copy to pair with links you share with your friends & followers
Extract data from web pages
Ask ChatGPT to find and extract information on a web page into a table
Summarize a web page or pdf
@mention a tab and let ChatGPT summarize it for you
Generate content
Ask ChatGPT to generate high quality content based on tabs you pick.
Enhance ChatGPT’s brainstorming abilities by referencing your tabs.

How TabJam works?

No more copy-pasting, tab-switching, or manually describing information present within a tab.



Start typing @ to bring up the list of tabs

Search & select

Type the name of the tab & press Return to select

Get a response

Submit your message & get the response
✨ Hover to play ✨

Press +J while viewing any webpage to start a ChatGPT conversation about it


Press CMD + J

CMD + J opens a menu for interacting with the page

Select the content

Highlight the content you want to include in your conversation

Compose your message

TabJam drafts a message with the page's content that you can edit & send
✨ Hover to play ✨